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CAPS News - 30 June 2021

Learn about the role financial institutions play in corporate ESG efforts, check out corporations’ climate targets, strides made in diversity & more.

Sustainability initiatives, financial institutions, and the impact on the supply chain

The role financial institutions play in environmental sustainability is coming under greater scrutiny. Governments, NGOs, and even consumers turn to them to influence the sustainability practices of companies they invest in and lend to. And as the role financial institutions play gets fine-tuned, its impact undoubtedly will cascade down to businesses and their supply chains. 

Companies' Carbon Footprint & GHG Emissions

Organizations are realizing the importance of reducing GHG emissions and taking action. Of the 69% of companies that made a public commitment to reduce their GHG emissions, almost half (47%) committed to be net carbon neutral.

SM & Corporate ESG Objectives

ESG efforts have taken the main stage as companies seek to improve or fortify their economic, environmental, and social sustainability practices. At 63% of the companies we surveyed, the procurement group is already actively involved in these efforts, at least at a moderate level.

CAPS News - 2 June 2021

CAPS brings you the latest news on online marketplaces and counterfeiting, supplier assessments, renewable energy, and more.