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Sit shoulder-to-shoulder with supply management leaders from around the world at a completely sales-free, consultant-free event ideal for learning, sharing, and building connections - a one-of-a-kind network of visionaries and achievers. 

Global events for your whole team

Strategic inspiration for your team

At CAPS events, your team members have the opportunity to learn first-hand from researchers, ask burning questions, share challenges and opportunities, and work collaboratively on solutions in a unique environment that is collaborative and meaningful.

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Join fellow senior leaders from the world’s top companies and build lasting connections. Our invitation-only CAPS CPO Roundtable is completely sales-free, consultant-free. Your information stays in the room – the inspiration is yours to take.

CAPS CPO Roundtable - TBD 2021
Check out the 2020 event info

Converge with other senior management professionals from leading companies in a highly interactive roundtable that will advance you in your practice, discuss what’s next on the horizon, and build a great network.

In light of global events, our annual events in Asia and EU/UK will be replaced by the online CAPS Supply Management Virtual Summit, allowing members to save travel budgets and conveniently participate from home.  

October 2022
CAPS Supply Management Roundtable – North America
Scottsdale, AZ

Connect with companies like yours at our Critical Issue Exchanges, as we take a deep-dive on one specific topic. We discuss what other companies are doing well, what you can work on now, and what the future looks like.

Brainstorm, build relationships, dive into industry-specific metrics, and share best practices with industry peers with the CAPS industry groups. These groups assist CAPS in creating benchmarking surveys that will best serve companies in each industry. Current industry meetings include Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Defense, and Health Sector.

Play a critical role in driving the CAPS research agenda. CAPS taps the expertise and interests of member companies to identify key topics and issues of growing importance to ensure our research reports are always relevant, practitioner-focused, and practically-applicable. 

Learn about a specific topic in real-time with experts in the supply management field. Avoid travel costs and get answers to your questions as we explore strategies and best practices in order for you to advance in your organization.


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