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CAPS News - 2 June 2021

Amazon’s battle against fake products may be too little, too late

NC State’s Rob Handfield, a CAPS researcher and co-author of Counterfeiting in the Supply Chain, says there’s an “entire underground” dedicated to counterfeit goods. [Read more in Fast Company]


Online marketplaces expected to transform traditional procurement

A recent CAPS study investigates the opportunities and risks of online marketplaces and proposes a roadmap for their use. [Read more in the CAPS blog]

Data-sharing platforms and supplier due diligence

In using third-party supplier assessments, companies are challenged by the relevance of the supplier data but can benefit from added transparency. Find out how other companies are using these due diligence assessments.

[Learn more in the CAPS blog]

COVID-19 in Asian manufacturing hubs could affect supply chains

New Coronavirus outbreaks in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam could force the U.S. Federal Reserve to hike interest rates sooner than expected. 

[Read more on CNBC]

Colonial Pipeline is a harbinger of things to come

Following a cyberattack that caused major disruptions in oil and gas, two Arizona State University professors say more preparation and alternate supply chain modes are needed to ward off future attacks.

[Read more on ASU News]

Adoption of renewable energy will grow the need for copper

Building clean energy is a mineral-intensive process that is creating massive demand for copper, needed to build the tech and infrastructure to deliver.

[Read more on Visual Capitalist]

ISM semiannual economic forecast predicts growth in 2021

The services and manufacturing sectors are expected to increase revenue and capital expenditures through the remainder of the year.

[Read more at ISM]

ISM® Report on Business® shows 12th consecutive month of growth

The Manufacturing PMI® continued to show strong sector expansion and U.S. economic growth in May.

[Read the new ISM PMI reports]

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