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CAPS News - 26 Jan 2022

Take a dive into the future of supply management and the latest news in sustainability, foreign investment, and more in this week’s CAPS News.

Managed Spend Growing Influence

When the business involves the supply management group in purchasing and sourcing, it can increase savings, better leverage organizational spend, and negotiate stronger contracts. Managed spend, as a percentage of sourceable spend, is a primary indicator of a company’s ability to capture value from the supply management process.

New leadership at CAPS - director and board members

CAPS is here to help you tackle the ongoing challenges facing the industry. To prepare your supply management group to take on another year, we've rounded up recent resources in four trending topics: ESG, Talent, Technology, and Risk.

CAPS News - 12 Jan 2022

Start the year with the right SCM resources and learn the latest in economic expansion, climate change, and more in this week’s CAPS News.

Average Cost Savings

Cost savings is a powerful KPI for demonstrating the value of supply management (SM) to the business. On average, 21.8% of SM employees are in a strategic sourcing role, each delivering $9.1 million in total savings. How does your company compare?