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CAPS News - 26 Jan 2022

Welcome Denis Wolowiecki, our new executive director at CAPS

Wolowiecki, an accomplished SCM executive, is also joined by new executive committee and board members in leading CAPS Research. [Learn more in the CAPS blog]

Build a plan for more strategic metrics & value reporting

Whether you’re at a foundational level or are well into your metrics and reporting journey, the CAPS Metrics & Value Reporting Maturity Model is a free resource to help you figure out where you are and how to advance. [Check it out in the CAPS Library]

Raw material shortages and the future of supply management

Nearly 60% of companies expect periodic shortages of raw materials through 2025 and 87% think they’ll be extremely disruptive. Find insights like these in Future of Supply Chain Management, conducted in partnership with BCG, out next month.

[Find more CAPS future-focused reports]

What’s the role of supply chain finance in sustainability?

We’d like to hear from you! Help our friends at Supply Chain Finance Community with their current project on the role of supply chain finance in sustainability practices across supply chains. Your data and personal info are completely confidential. 

[Take the survey with SCF Community]

Foreign investments bounced back in 2021 but SC is still strained

Even though foreign investments have rebounded to pre-pandemic levels and demand is strong, projects to expand or build new factories are down.   

[Read more in WSJ]

Massive surge in criminal rail theft plagues L.A. country

Union Pacific is grappling with a 160% surge in criminal rail theft since December 2020, during which an average of more than 90 containers were compromised each day.

[Read more on Yahoo Finance]


CAPS Library reports released within the last four years are reserved for CAPS members, but this report has just been unlocked for everyone with a free account. 

The Role of Supply Management in Merger and Acquisitions: Separation and Integration

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