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CAPS Research (the Center for Advanced Procurement Strategy) is a B2B nonprofit research center at Arizona State University, serving supply management leaders at Fortune 1000 companies.

We inspire leaders with profound discovery and executable strategies to shape the future of supply management. Research reveals the destination, benchmarking charts the course, and networking creates the path to transformation.


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CAPS research studies are fueled by involvement from best-in-class organizations that are willing to share their stories. Your experience can help advance the profession and provide valuable insight for other professionals.

We are currently seeking supply management professionals to participate in studies on the topics below.

Adaptation and Reallocation of Supply Management Resources and Teams
The continued adaptation of requirements and performance goals for supply management departments requires an agile team capable of adjusting to persistent challenges. In this study researchers are investigating the adaptation of supply management’s goals, responsibilities, and their ability to support the organizations overall objectives. How will supply management team’s skills, structure, and responsibilities changes as a result of the functions expanding role, increased process automation, and need for alignment with corporate objectives. Researchers would like to interview supply management leaders who have begun changes in their supply management team in response to disruptions and changing environmental requirements.

The Un-leaning of the Supply Chain
The continued supply chain challenges have led companies to start reconsidering JIT (Just in Time) strategies and whether a switch to JIC (Just in Case) would be preferable, especially for critical components. In this study researchers investigate what conditions JIT would be preferred to JIC, what additional capabilities would be required to deliver a resilient JIT system, and what conditions would be preferable for JIC. Researchers would like to interview supply management leaders whose companies have started to rethink their lean/JIT strategy for alternative models.

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