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CAPS News - 7 Oct 2020


External supplier certifications save time & money

  • 56% of the companies we surveyed use external certifications to assess suppliers. Their top two reasons for doing so are:
    • Efficiency of the qualification process - it saves time and money
    • It aligns with industry best practices
  • Source: Supplier Due Diligence Assessments, CAPS Research, 2020.

Participate in surveys for free metrics & KPIs

  • Coming soon: Implementing Emerging Technology in Supply Management
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Plastic pollution is a supply chain problem

  • A new study says an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers annually. Current mitigation strategies include reduction in waste, improving waste management, and environmental cleanup, but what can we do to reduce plastic production in our supply chains?
  • >>Read more about this important study.

Have you applied advanced analytics in your supply chain?

  • CAPS is conducting a study on Applying Advanced Analytics, focused on the real-world application in supply management. Researchers will look at how predictive and prescriptive procurement analytics models are implemented and integrated into critical decision-making processes. 
  • >> We are interested in speaking to companies that have implemented analytics in their supply chain. Please contact research to participate in this study. All participants will receive a copy of the research study.

Exclusive executive economic insights & connections

  • This month, CAPS is hosting a webinar on the current economics and the outlook for the future, specifically for our executive-level members. We're tailoring experiences to address the current and future needs of our members - goals, challenges, opportunities, and external factors. Don't miss out!
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