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Join a select group of companies that are shaping the future of the function.

Our mission is to inspire you with profound discovery and executable strategies. Regardless of your starting point, what are you doing now to make sure you're well-positioned to lead in the future of supply management? 

CAPS members hail from around the globe, from organizations of greater than $3 billion in annual revenue (with benchmarking opportunities for companies of $1 billion to $3 billion in annual revenue). Membership fees enable us to provide practitioner-focused research, benchmarking services, and peer-only networking events, in a way that is effective, powerful, and always sales-free.

Game-changing knowledge for your whole team

Research, benchmarking, and events

All our offerings past and future completely sales-free, bias-free, and consultant-free, giving our members space to honestly and openly examine their challenges, devise strategies, and acquire knowledge from fellow global supply management leaders. 

CAPS research offerings


Thought-provoking, practical
Rigorous & disciplined

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Actionable KPIs
Current custom metrics
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CAPS networking events


Global events
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Multinational corporates and growing organizations worldwide partner with CAPS each year because of our bias-free knowledge base and phenomenal network of supply management leaders. How could you be more strategic and visionary in your own practice?

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CAPS membership fees start at $18,000 for companies of $3 billion or more in annual revenue. Membership enables us to provide practitioner-focused research, benchmarking services, and peer-to-peer networking events for your entire supply management group with zero commercial influence

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