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CAPS News - April 2020

The current pandemic has caused major disruptions in our personal and professional lives, testing our own resilience as well as those of our supply chain networks and organizational strategies. The gravity of the situation is not lost on us, and our heart goes out to those experiencing hardships. To assist you in your practice, we've curated a Coronavirus resource page with helpful resources, regardless of membership status.

Monthly metric:
Accuracy of Spend Classification
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78% of companies deal with spend that is classified incorrectly (e.g. IT spend misclassified as marketing spend). 

An average of 21% (median 18%) of spend is misclassified. The top three causes of this are:

  • Incorrect classification code assigned
  • Classified as “miscellaneous”
  • Inaccurate General Ledger code was used

Source: Accuracy of Spend Classification benchmarking report, CAPS Research, 2020.

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Compelling reports in the CAPS Library:
Supply Chain Financing
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With the pandemic disruptions hitting many buying companies and their suppliers, some procurement leaders are looking at Supply Chain Financing (SCF) - leveraging the supply chain to fund the organization and/or leveraging the organization to fund the supply chain. This in-depth research report (55 pages) addresses key topics that include:

  • The enabling role of trade finance
  • Supplier relationship building through SCF
  • Dynamic discounting
  • Payment timing to optimize cash
  • Supplier perspective of SCF

Read Supply Chain Financing: Funding the Supply Chain and the Organization to learn more! Click the button to login and access the report or create a free account now

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