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CAPS News - 10 January 2024

Read about: Our January webinar about Unlocking Green Supply Chains, Geopolitical Risks, Third-party risk, the Supplier Risk Maturity Model and supplier risk programs

CAPS News - 13 December 2023

Read about: Updated CAPS Dashboard, New Research, Managing Sourceable Spend, Services PMI

CAPS News - 29 November 2023

Read about: ESG investing influenced by civil regulations, Category Spend management research, Overseas sourcing and business case considerations, Using AI for Asset Tracking, and Resilient US supply chains.

CAPS News - 15 November 2023

Read about: The CAPS Executive Summit, Supplier Insurance, MRO, Procurement tools, Imports, Innovation case study

CAPS News - 01 November 2023

Read about: CAPS Founder Harold E. Fearon, Member Webinar- Best Practices in Forming Centers of Excellence, Metrics of Supply Chain, AI in the Supply Chain, Network Design in Logistics

CAPS News - 18 October 2023

Read about: Third Party Risk, Technology Solutions, Recession, Optimize Supply Chains, AI and Data Centers

CAPS News - 04 October 2023

Read about: Integrated Sourcing, JIT Strategy, PO Automation, Report on Business, Manufacturing Supercycle, Chip Supply Chain

CAPS News - 20 September 2023

Read About: Just-In-Time Systems, Sourcing and Procurement Employee Turnover, Warehouse Management Performance, Rates Hikes, Emissions, AI Policy, Autonomous Rail

CAPS News - 06 September 2023

Read About: Establishing a Supply Management Center of Excellence, Supply Management ROI, U.S., China Ease Trade Tensions, Trucking Challenges

CAPS News - 23 August 2023

The latest from CAPS News: CAPS Flagship Survey, Supply Management KPI's, Best Cost Countries, Before Investing in AI, Cross Boarder, Mineral Imports

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