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Carbon Offsets and Reaching Net-Zero

An overview of carbon offsets and their application in achieving net zero objectives. Review key concepts and definitions about climate commitments, and enhance your understanding of offset management.


Strategies to Manage Risks

While geopolitical and operational risks are different by nature, 2 of the top 3 strategies to manage those risks tend to be tactical responses: increase the number of suppliers and buffer inventory. This points to opportunities for improvement in business intelligence, sourcing, and supplier management.

CAPS News-21 February 2024

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Digital Connectivity and Data Protection in Supply Management

An executive overview of how the intellectual property an organization stores as digital assets ("data") presents a double-edged sword for supply management professionals and the best practices in protecting data shared with suppliers.


Freight and Transportation Metrics

Typically, delivery performance is more critical for companies with lower inventory levels who operate using a just-in-time fulfillment model. Currently, 71% of companies track on-time delivery (OTD), the most used transportation metric. 47% of companies claim OTD is greater than 90%, while 8% of companies report OTD less than 80%.

Applying New Variables to Existing Supply Management Decisions

An executive overview of recent research about Applying New Variables to Existing Supply Management Decisions


CAPS News-07 February 2024

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