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Whether you're a CAPS expert or just beginning your journey with us, we would like to offer some pointers to get you started. 

The new CAPS Library offers so many ways to sort and filter

Search tips & tricks

Are you looking for something specific or do you just want to browse? Either way, this is a great place to start. Follow the quick tips below, or watch the 5-minute walk-through video below. 

  • Basic search: Each search term is searched within the full text of our library reports.
  • AND and OR: Separate search terms using AND for inclusive results or OR to search for two terms separately.
  • Tag cloud: Tags are sized by how often they’re used. Click on a tag to see all reports that use that tag.
  • Report tags: Click on hyperlinked tags beneath each report to see more reports using that tag.
  • Report type: Choose from research, benchmarking, or event reports.
  • Search by date: Specify a date range. To see reports that are unlocked for non-members, set the end date 4 years back.
  • Filter by tag: Browse the list of tags and choose one or many. All reports in the library have at least one tag.
  • Favorites: Click the heart at the right of a report to save it to your favorites tab.

Please review our FAQs for answers to common questions

Have questions or need help?

If you're experiencing issues or technical difficulties with the CAPS Library, please first read our frequently asked questions (FAQs). We'll be adding to the list as questions come in. And if you still have outstanding questions, please contact our IT department via the form below. 

Q: Why are the files showing as locked? 
A: Reports released within the last four years are reserved for CAPS members and will appear locked to non-members. Additionally, all event whitepapers and PowerPoint presentations are for members only. If you are at a CAPS member company and still see the lock, please verify that you registered with your business email (we verify your account by email domain). If the issue persists, please contact us. If you are not a member and want to learn more, please visit our membership page.

Q: I marked a report as favorite so why is it not showing in the "My Favorites" tab? 
A: Please refresh your browser, and the report should be in My Favorites.

Q: Why do I see only one page of search results? 
A: To decrease the page load time, the library returns the top 50 results for your keyword search. You can view either the most recent, or most relevant results by clicking the corresponding buttons on the right-hand side of your results (see image below). To find results within a specific date range or further narrow your search criteria, use the Advanced Search option. For more information, see the quick tips above.

Q: Why do I receive this unauthorized error message?
A: You have been logged out of the library. Please refresh the page and login again to access.

If you have a technical question or issue after reading through our FAQs above, feel free to send our IT department an email.

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