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Join fellow health sector supply management executives to tackle issues head-on, build powerful networks, have critical conversations, share best practices, and create value that speaks to the uniqueness and importance of the healthcare sector.

CAPS Healthcare Sector membership is the leading source of research designed to reduce risk, lower cost, influence policy, and accelerate the performance of the health sector supply chain. 

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Join other supply management leaders from top companies in health to uncover pressing issues, hear from the experts, and explore solutions together. 

2022 Virtual McKenna Health Policy Lecture
The Last Mile: Strategic Leadership Development - Lessons in Readiness

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​Sponsored by the Mark McKenna Foundation, the Annual McKenna Health Policy Lecture invites key innovators and thought leaders in health care to speak on the importance of supply chain in improving organizational performance and clinical practice. Please watch the video below to learn more about Mark McKenna, his lasting legacy, and highlights from the last few years of activities.

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The CAPS-HSRC Industry Group is an interactive conversation that defines opportunities, issues, risks, and top trends in supply management for the health sector, designed for professionals in the health and supply chain management industries. 

The annual Research Dissemination Conference provides CAPS-HSRC members with a deep-dive on our health research, knowledge sharing on healthcare supply management, and the opportunity to inform the CAPS research and benchmarking agendas that amplify member value.

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Watch the 2021 lecture series

2021 was a challenging year for supply managers across the board but the healthcare sector was hit particularly hard, as sourcing PPE became unexpectedly difficult, hospital systems were stretched beyond their limits, and health practitioners' skills and resilience were put to the test. Watch below to learn how leaders in the field are pivoting, adapting, and confronting challenges head-on.

The 2021 McKenna Lecture and Symposium was presented by the McKenna Foundation, CAPS Research, and the Department of Supply Chain Management at W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

Lessons from the Pandemic: Building a Secure Health System
Featuring Denis Cortese, MD
March 25, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the frailties of the U.S. healthcare system while spurring unprecedented innovation and collaboration. Healthcare delivery shifted to televisits, traditional competitors are sharing information and resources, and businesses large and small have stepped up to produce critical supplies.

Denis Cortese, MD, Emeritus President and CEO, Mayo Clinic and Director of the Center for Healthcare Delivery & Policy at ASU, shares how multidisciplinary leaders from major health systems identified the strategic pillars and are collaborating to develop the critical capabilities required in each of the pillars.

Watch post-lecture interactive sessions 1-4 by clicking on the tabs above.

The Infrastructure and Facilities to Support a Secure Future
March 11, 2021

From ICU backlogs to the changing location for healthcare delivery, the pandemic has highlighted numerous infrastructure and facilities issues. Addressing these issues is critical for both emergency preparedness and to support the move to a more patient-centered and value-based healthcare system and will strengthen the security and resiliency of our nation’s healthcare system.

Securing and Supporting the Healthcare Workforce
March 18, 2021

The length and the severity of the pandemic has taken a toll on our nation’s healthcare workforce, from front-line clinicians to those providing critical support (e.g., infection prevention, supply chain, facilities, and maintenance). How can we address the very real and immediate physical, emotional, and mental health issues of the workforce, while putting in place long-term measures to create healthier and more satisfying work environments?

Matching Supply and Demand
March 25, 2021

Critical supply shortages during the pandemic have underscored the need for end-to-end supply chain visibility that ensures supplies are available when and where they are needed. Additionally, collaboration with clinicians across the care continuum is critical to sourcing clinically-proven products that meet specific patient needs.

A Systemic Approach to Collaboration (across pillars, organizations, public & private sectors)
April 1, 2021      

The first three sessions focused on each of the strategic pillars for health system security individually. This session looks at the pillars, holistically and how we can achieve them in concert vs. in silos. ​

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