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CAPS News-29 May 2024

Introducing a New Tool for Members: Metrics of Supply Management PowerBI Dashboard

CAPS’ industry-leading performance metrics are now available in a PowerBI dashboard.

With five years of data, you can select sector breakouts, view quartiles, and see your company values (if you submitted a survey response) for 70 plus metrics.

To access this powerful new dashboard log into the CAPS Library, select Metrics along the top ribbon and then New Metrics Dashboard. 

Join us for a dashboard demonstration. Learn how to view and compare your metrics and explore its capabilities and value to your organization.

Metrics of Supply Management Dashboard Demonstration

June 6th at 12:00 PM EST

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Supply Management ROI

According to the 2023 MoSM Report, the supply management department generates $7.05 in savings (reduction + avoidance) for every $1 "invested" in the department OPEX, resulting in an average ROI of 705%. This is just one of the metrics available in the New Metrics Dashboard.

[Access with CAPS Library


Procurement Technology Dashboard 

Another CAPS tool is the Procurement Tech Landscape. Use this dashboard to perform a quick survey of the available procurement applications in several market segments. Log into the CAPS Library, and select Reports along the top ribbon.  

[Access with CAPS Library]


Decreasing Global Inflation Projected

Global inflation rates are slowly decreasing, but the progress has been sluggish. Looking ahead, inflation forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggest a decrease in inflation as price pressures ease.

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India’s Emerging Supply Chain Role

With a highly educated workforce and a projected position as the world’s third-largest economy by 2027, India is emerging as an attractive destination for manufacturers.

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