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CAPS News-01 May 2024

Incorporating ESG Requirements 

In this new study researchers examine how organizations are currently incorporating environmental sustainability criteria into sourcing decisions, including key drivers and barriers to implementing ESG into sourcing decisions. 

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ESG Implementation Drivers 

When implementing ESG into the supplier selection process 49% of organizations say the top enabler is Executive/Senior Management Buy-In. 

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Environmental Sustainability Initiatives 

This previously released 1-page overview provides a glimpse on supply management’s role in environmental sustainability initiatives and ties in CAPS benchmarking metrics. 

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Plastic Pollution Treaty is Being Negotiated

Negotiations are underway in Ottawa, Canada leading to a final round in Korea in late 2024.  The aim is to reach global consensus on limiting pollution from plastics.

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Shipping Capacity Correction Coming

Freight volumes and rates are low, but forces are gathering that could disrupt supply chains, drive capacity out of the market and push up freight rates. Start planning ahead to mitigate your organizations impact.

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