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CAPS News-26 June 2024

New Supply Management KPIs Available Now

CAPS' flagship survey, the Metrics of Supply Management, is now available in the library. This comprehensive report examines six industries and three sector breakouts, providing more than 70 KPIs, including 10 new metrics to benchmark your organization against industry peers and your own past performance. 

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Upcoming Webinar: Excellence in Risk Management and Operational Resilience 

How does a company prepare, plan, and respond to the impacts that disrupt business?

A joint webinar with ISM, are are pleased to have Mike Janko, Goodyear's Director of Global Business Continuity, as he shares essential tools and strategies for leading organizational resilience. Learn how to prepare, plan, and respond effectively to disruptions. Discover the "Lead, Follow, Guide" framework that Mike has successfully implemented at Goodyear and other major organizations for over 30 years.

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Supply Management ROI 

According to the 2024 MoSM Report, the supply management department generates $7.31 in savings (reduction + avoidance) for every $1 invested, resulting in an average ROI of 731%. 

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Metrics in a PowerBI Dashboard 

Use the New Metrics Dashboard to view five years of survey data, sector breakouts, and your company's values (if you submitted a survey response). Log into the CAPS Library, select Metrics on the top ribbon, and choose New Metrics Dashboard.

Prove Your Value with Key Metrics

In this previously recorded webinar, we share KPIs and talking points that will enable you to effectively communicate the strategic significance and value of procurement within your organization. 

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