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CAPS News-10 July 2024

Supply Management Organization Characteristics

This summary from the CAPS Research Study Purchasing and Supply Management Organizations’ Adaptation to Dynamic Environments outlines the key drivers for organizational change, the company objectives needed to tackle these factors and the corresponding goals and activities for purchasing and supply management to contribute to organizational success. 

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Managed Spend

According to the recently released Metrics of Supply Management Report the average supply management employees manages $27.5M in spend. The full report with more than 70 KPIs is available now. 

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Manufacturing Demand Remains Subdued 

US manufacturing activity contracted again in June, however there were signs of moderation in inflationary pressure with the prices paid index registering its second month of cooling increases.

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AI Use Cases for Supply Chain

The time is right for adopting LLMs in supply chain activities. Find three examples of immediate data cleanup use cases any supply chain professional can start leveraging with very low risk. 

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