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CAPS News-17 April 2024

Nearshoring Framework 

A framework for selecting one of five potential strategies and a practical set of steps to implement an X-shoring initiative are included in this summary of the research report X-shoring and the Rebalancing of the Global Supply Chain. 

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Sourcing Steel Practices

On average, organizations report a total steel spend of $74.9M per strategic sourcing FTE dedicated to purchasing steel. See the "Quick Poll" in the library now. 

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Managing Geopolitical Risks

Increasing the number of countries as sources of supply is a leading strategy being used by 44% of responding companies for managing geopolitical risk.

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First AI Graduate Degree 

This fall, Arizona State University will launch the first graduate degree program in AI. The announcement follows ASU's recent collaboration with OpenAI.

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Resolving Payment Fraud

Organizations should prioritize securing their entire procurement payment process to safeguard the business against increasingly sophisticated fraudulent attempts.

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