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CAPS News-03 April 2024

Our Flagship Survey on KPIs Open Now 

CAPS most popular survey of performance metrics is now open. Ensure that your company’s designated survey contact completes the survey so you can compare your performance against your peers using our online metrics dashboard. 

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Cost Savings Calculations Quick Poll 

A review of supply chain organizations' approaches to evaluating cost savings in five common scenarios and preferred methods for calculating cost savings is the focus of this previously unpublished survey.

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Cost Savings a Top Priority

One of the top three priorities for supply management leaders over the next 12 months is advancing cost savings management. This slips in priority from 2nd to 3rd over the next three years.

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2024 Inflation Forecasts

Global inflation is projected to decrease to 5.8% in 2024, driven by higher interest rates, decreasing commodity prices, and a slowdown in manufacturing. The following graphic illustrates projected inflation worldwide for the upcoming year. 

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