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CAPS News - 20 September 2023

Is Just-In-Time (JIT) Still The Preferred Process? 

The adoption of lean operations thinking and Just-in-Time (JIT) philosophy by many firms has led to increased efficiency in procurement and supply chain operations. However, these strategies can be vulnerable during major disruptions. In this new report, researchers examined the viability of JIT systems during major disruptions and ways to improve inventory effectiveness.  

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Sourcing and Procurement Employee Turnover

Get a glimpse into voluntary turnover rates among supply management employees in this new quick poll report. In the last 12 months, 20% of respondents had 10% or more of their supply management employees voluntarily leave.

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Inventory and Warehouse Management Performance

For companies that track inventory and warehouse management performance, 71% use Inventory Accuracy Rate and 67% use Inventory Turnover rate.

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Fed Expected to Pause Rate Hikes 

Officials are currently weighing another rate hike for the month of September. Recent economic indicators suggest a cooling in the economy will likely mean a pause in rate hikes.

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Emission Disclosures Bill Passed in California 

California has passed a groundbreaking bill mandating companies operating in the state, with total revenue over $1 billion, to publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Can Policy Keep Up With AI?

AI’s rapid development has caused some to question if governmental regulations can catch up to AI’s current abilities and what those policies should look like. Learn more as three ASU experts weigh in on this discussion.  

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Battery Powered Autonomous Rail Vehicle Being Tested

Autonomous rail vehicles were recently unveiled and will begin a pilot program in the U.S. and abroad. Tapping into the largely unoccupied railway helps address the truck driver shortage and eliminate emissions.

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