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CAPS News - 04 October 2023

Integrating Sourcing/Procurement Technologies

Understanding the proactive and reactive ways emerging technologies are handled in sourcing and contracting is the focus of this new survey. Gain insights from the 50 participating companies on integrating emerging technologies within your organization.

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CAPS Webinar: Is JIT Still The Right Strategy for Major Disruptions?

The adoption of Just-in-Time strategies has led to increased efficiency in procurement and supply chain operations but can be vulnerable during major disruptions.

Join our webinar and learn from researchers as they detail their key findings on operating JIT strategies under major disruptions and new ways to improve inventory effectiveness through the JIT approach.

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The Impact of PO Automation

According to the recent MoSM survey, PO automation is used by 38% of responding companies, with 34% of their POs on average processed by RPA.

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U.S. Manufacturing on the Rise

Manufacturing activity in the U.S. increased in September, the highest reading since November 2022. New orders, production and factory employment all saw increases last month.

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U.S. Poised for a Manufacturing “Supercycle”

Investment in U.S. manufacturing is at all-time highs thanks to a trio of recently passed bills. Find out what a manufacturing supercycle means for supply chain professionals. 

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Mexico Looks to U.S. for a Role In Chip Supply Chain

A massive solar farm project in Sonora, Mexico aims to improve local connectivity to their national electric grid, but also export clean energy to the Southwest U.S., particularly for the EV and semiconductor industries.

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