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CAPS News - 01 November 2023

CAPS Research Regrets to Announce the Passing of CAPS Founder Harold E. Fearon

We are saddened to share the news of Hal's passing on October 21, 2023, at age 92. Hal was a pioneer in the procurement field, helping to pave the road for advancing the profession. In 1984, Hal helped to establish the Supply Chain Management Department at Arizona State University, ranked today as one of the best in the country.

In 1986, he founded CAPS Research with the Institute for Supply Management and ASU. Hal retired from ASU in 1989 to serve as the first Director of CAPS through 1996. He co-authored several books on purchasing and published over 450 articles for business and academic journals throughout his career.

To learn more about Hal's extensive contributions and career click here.


Member Webinar: Best Practices in Forming Centers of Excellence 

Join us on November 9th for an overview of the key findings from a recent study on establishing supply chain Centers of Excellence from Professor Robert Handfield. Results from the research include guidelines for establishing, managing, staffing, and funding a COE.

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Are Your Savings Validated? 

More than half of companies (55%) in the recent Metrics of Supply Management survey have their savings validated and approved by Finance (metric #147).

[Download the report in the CAPS Library]


Generative AI Applications

Understand some of the applications for generative AI in this article from Daniel Finkenstadt et al, as he discussed at the recent CAPS Executive Summit.

[Read more with Harvard Business Review]


Getting the Most from your Supply Chain Network Design 

Strategies for not just optimizing your supply chain, but shifting your focus toward building agility, resilience and necessary redundancies within your supply chain. 

[Read more with SCMR]


Key Negotiation Strategies for Supply Chain Success         

Explore different strategies to streamline negotiations with supply vendors to secure the best deals and foster collaborative vendor relationships.

[Read more with Forbes]

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