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CAPS News - 28 June 2023

Tracking and Managing Evolving Supplier Risks

The role of supplier governance and risk mitigation has changed drastically in recent years. In this new report Professor of Practice Hitendra Chaturvedi takes a strategic look at these operations and outlines a framework to help proactively mitigate these fast-evolving risks

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Transportation Rates Are Declining  

Supply chain activity slid to an all-time low for a third straight month in May, according to data compiled in the Logistics Managers’ Index (LMI).

A recent report aggregating responses from supply chain executives showed the index stood at 47.3, the first reading in contraction territory for the 6.5-year-old data set. The mark was 3.6 percentage points below the April level and notably below a neutral level of 50. Further weakening in freight markets drove the decline.

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Supply Management Centers of Excellence 

In this new snapshot report more than 50 companies share their best practices around developing, managing and utilizing their supply management center of excellence.

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Net Cost Reporting Practices 

Organizations are split on how they recognize cost avoidance with 50% reporting it is part of the net cost methodology and the other half saying it is not included.

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Robust new truck sales are misleading 

Heavy weight truck sales have been used as a leading indicator in the economic health in the past, but the current strong sales report is providing a false sense of security this time.

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How AI could replace nearly all supply chain jobs

Artificial intelligence may be able to replace all human touchpoints in the supply chain according to a recent Morgan Stanley report. 

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