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CAPS News - 14 June 2023

Using Metrics to Communicate the Value of Supply Management

Review some of the highlights and best practices of how companies use CAPS’ flagship survey Metrics of Supply Management.

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How Secure is Your Supply Chain?  

Professor Robert Handfield walks through a framework to secure your supply chain against cyber threats in this new webinar recording.  

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Aligning with Internal Stakeholders

58% of respondents are involved in the budget process with their business partners/stakeholders, an increase of 13% from 2019.

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Acting Labor Secretary intervenes in West Coast Port negotiations

After repeated calls from major retailers and manufactures President Biden's Acting Labor Secretary has engaged in the ongoing West Coast port contract negotiations. 

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China’s Economic Struggles Come to the Surface

As the post-covid recovery wears off, underlying problems in the world’s second largest economy are hindering growth with an increase of only 2-3% expected this year.

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Securing Critical Minerals through Friendshoring

The U.S. is working with key partners to diversify the critical mineral supply chain through friendshoring initiatives.  

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