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CAPS News - 12 July 2023

An Overview of Nearshoring Practices 

This new report explores the strategies, drivers, and barriers to consider when nearshoring a global supply chain. Researchers discuss three potential strategies for implementing nearshoring initiatives and a framework to analyze each option. 

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Centers of Excellence in Supply Management 2023

More than half of companies surveyed (59%) are operating at least one supply management center of excellence, a slight increase from 2019.

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Transportation Rates Decline Further

Supply chain activity continued to decrease in June, hitting a record low, according to the recent Logistics Managers’ Index (LMI) release. Transportation rates fell slower than the previous month but continue to be in contraction territory. 

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Negotiations Paused in Canada Port Strike

Canada’s west ports have been at a stand still since June 30th. Roughly 20% of U.S. trade travels through the Canadian ports.

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US Factories Construction at Record High

Construction on new US factories is up 76% from last year, reaching a high last seen in 1991. 

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