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CAPS News - 19 April 2023

Understanding cost changes

Industry practices for tracking and managing cost changes are summarized in this new quick poll report. [Download the report in the CAPS Library]

Dedicated to the impact of inflation

25% of supply management departments have a dedicated person responsible for mitigating and/or managing the impacts of inflation. 

[Download the report in the CAPS Library]

Key inflation indicator posts unexpected decline

Wholesale prices posted a surprise decline in March, with the Producer Price index at its lowest annual level since January 2021. 

[Read more with BLS]

Key inflation measure registers surprise decrease

Wholesale prices in the US came in well under expectations in February, indicating that inflationary pressure is beginning to ease.  

[Read more with BLS]

How European union ESG rules will impact US companies

An estimated 10,000 American companies will be impacted by the forthcoming EU ESG rules currently being drafted.  

[Read more with Forbes]

Port operations slow at Los Angeles and Long Beach Terminals

For the third time in the past month, port operations have been impacted on the west coast while the contract renegotiation for workers stretches to nearly a year.  

[Read more with WSJ]

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