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CAPS News - 05 April 2023

Futures Study 2026: Webinar Replay

In this webinar recording, professor Adegoke Oke joins Senior Associate Dean and professor Gopalakrishnan Mohan to share their findings on potential changes that may affect the supply profession by 2026, and firms’ likely responses to such changes. Potential business strategies to be employed, the supply mission, technologies, risk mitigation strategies and resiliency are all reviewed in this 1-hour recording. [Watch the webinar in the CAPS Library]

Empowering Procurement: Webinar Replay

CEOs who empower their chief procurement officer and procurement function can leap ahead of their rivals. By using savvy supplier relationship management to make the most of suppliers’ expertise and resources, procurement executives can contain costs, drive innovation, maximize product and service quality, meet ESG standards, accelerate the time to market, and strengthen supply chain resilience.  [Watch the webinar in the CAPS Library]

CAPS expands into logistics metrics 

CAPS is excited to expand our benchmarking capability beyond procurement and sourcing to include inventory and freight metrics. Interested in participating in our upcoming Metrics of Logistics Management (MoLM) surveys? Please sign-up using the link below.

[Learn more and sign up with CAPS]

U.S. manufacturing declines for 5th straight month

Manufacturing activity in the U.S. fell to the lowest level in nearly 3 years, with employment, new orders, and prices paid all in contraction territory. 

[Read new ISM®  PMI® reports]

Germany tries to halt ban on internal combustion engines

In a surprising turn around, Germany is pushing for a loophole that would allow the sale of combustion engine cars beyond the agreed upon 2035 deadline. 

[Read more with CNN]

Tech leaders call for a moratorium on A.I. development

More than 1,000 tech leaders, researchers and other are urging a moratorium on the development of A.I. systems to allow time to introduce “shared safety protocols.” 

[Read more with NY Times]

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