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CAPS News - 24 March 2021

The challenges, rewards, and tensions of sharing data with suppliers

Organizations face an array of challenges in managing relationships with vendors and multiple tiers of suppliers. The growing use of connected devices, outsourced suppliers, and international supply chains elevate the challenge. [Read more on the CAPS blog]

7 steps for creating an extraordinary internal customer experience

CAPS researchers interviewed senior supply management executives and their internal customers to identify seven best practices for creating extraordinary internal customer experiences. [Get the scoop on the CAPS blog]

The 3rd step in category playbook strategy: external analysis

Like internal analysis, the external analysis stage requires detective and analytical skills to identify the current environment, threats, and opportunities for the organization's procurement playbook.

[Read step 3 of 7 on the CAPS blog]

International standards on human rights and the supply chain

53% of CAPS respondents say they integrate national or international standards on human rights into supply chain practices and policies. The most common standard they use is the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

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Retail sales, manufacturing slip ahead of expected spring rebound

U.S. shoppers pulled back and factories produced less in February due to winter weather and supply chain disruptions. How will stimulus checks impact the months ahead?

[Read more on WSJ]

U.S. is ‘not prepared to defend or compete in the AI era’

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (AI) says China could soon replace the U.S. as the world’s AI superpower and that AI could be used in the pursuit of power. 

[Read more on CNBC]

China’s economic activity soars but jobless rate hits ceiling

Chinese economic activity surged in the first two months of 2021 when compared with the same coronavirus-battered period last year, but retail sales lose momentum with new Covid-19 restrictions

[Read the article on WSJ]

Turbocharged economy leaves factories struggling to deliver

Global businesses worry that a further surge in U.S. demand could exacerbate supply-chain disruptions, and in the meantime, ships are sitting offshore for weeks.

[Read more on WSJ]

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