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CAPS News - 10 March 2021

Get inspired for the future of supply management with CAPS

Since our beginnings, our values and commitment to providing CPO-driven sales-free primary content haven’t changed, but we’ve hit fast-forward and want to take you into the future. We’re bringing more knowledge and inspiration, to both members and non-members & hope you’ll continue to explore with us. [Watch a 3-minute video about the CAPS journey]

CPO-driven research topics target issues that can advance the profession

Our new research roster explores supply chain resiliency, managing supplier relationships in a virtual environment, the value of supplier diversity programs, future challenges facing the profession, identifying and mitigating risk in the sub-tiers, and new variables that are changing traditional supply management. [Check out the CAPS research schedule]

Participate in CAPS studies that shape the future of the profession

CAPS relies on best-in-class organizations that are willing to share their stories and experiences. Will you share your thoughts on supply chain resiliency, the future of SCM, or managing supplier relationships in a virtual environment? 

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The second step in a category strategy: internal analysis

We’re moving on to stage 2 in this series, discussing how internal analysis helps create a category management system that delivers proactive, strategic support for your company.

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Category management success is not without its challenges

81% of companies identify “gathering and analyzing spend data” as a primary responsibility of category managers, while 22% of companies said “availability of and access to data” is one of their most difficult challenges with category management activity. Source: Exploring Strategic Category Management, CAPS, 2019).

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Why finance executives rely on supply chain finance

SC finance provided companies with a key source of cash as they battled the pandemic fallout, enabling them to continue paying important suppliers. Here’s the why & how.

[Read the article in WSJ]

ISM® is supports diversity efforts in supply chain management

A just-launched pledge program asks professionals to commit to building and supporting a supply base and professional culture that is diverse and inclusive.

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Services sector is expanding, according to the ISM® PMI®

Economic activity in the services sector grew in February for the 9th month in a row. 

[Read ISM® reports for Manufacturing | Services | Hospital]

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