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CAPS News - 18 Nov 2020


Longevity in the supply management org structure

  • 73% of companies have maintained their supply management functional alignment (i.e. centralized, decentralized, center-led) longer than 5 years. 
  • Source: Metrics of Supply Management, CAPS Research, 2020

A new wave of SM employees will be quick to adopt Online Marketplaces

  • Is your organization prepared to take advantage of the simplicity, variety, and cost savings offered by online marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba? Online Marketplaces and Procurement, our newest research release, investigates the impact online marketplaces could have on transforming traditional procurement practices.
Online Marketplaces preview

Supplier Diversity All-Stars

  • Minority Business News has recognized the 2020 All-Stars of Supplier Diversity - “those who have pushed boundaries and ceilings to ensure inclusive supply chains” - featuring a number of exemplary CAPS member companies on the list, including Corteva, DTE Energy, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Tennessee Valley Authority, and Texas Instruments.

Pandemic gives supply chains a lesson in resilience 

Ensuring supplier quality in your organization

  • Did you know that 77% of organizations say they have dedicated supplier quality employees, and half of them are in the supply management group? Suppliers that enter a formal supplier quality program are most often new suppliers, poor performers, or those with a high risk or critical product or service.

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  • Open now: Implementing Emerging Technology in Supply Management
  • Coming soon: Changes to Payment Terms Due to the Pandemic

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