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CAPS News - July 2020

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Monthly metric:
P2P Cycle Time – To Measure or Not to Measure
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34% of companies report that supply management does not measure P2P cycle time because:* 

  • 75% have difficulty collecting the data (e.g. they have disparate systems across the process)
  • 25% say these metrics are considered less strategic indicators of performance
  • 19% say cycle time metrics are not important to internal business partners / stakeholders

*Note: multiple reasons could be selected
P2P Cycle Time, CAPS Research, 2019.

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New Measurements of Value
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As supply management groups advance in maturity toward more strategic activity, measuring and communicating the value they bring to the enterprise becomes a top priority. Organizations are looking beyond cost savings and exploring metrics that align more closely with the business. In New Measurements of Value, companies reported having defined the following metrics:

  • 60% - Contribution to increased margins
  • 55% - Risk mitigation
  • 50% - Total cost of ownership
  • 36% - Contribution to revenue
  • 26% - Innovation
  • 14% - Value at risk

CAPS hasn't really seen increased use of innovation and risk metrics since the release of this report. Companies are challenged to identify exactly what activity should be measured and how to create a metric that captures the value of more complex, sometimes ambiguous work. Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and settling into the "new normal," there seems to be an increased urgency in figuring out new value metrics.

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