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CAPS News - January 2020



In the last few months, the CAPS team has been working with member CPOs to launch an exciting new research program. Expect to see even more innovative and compelling insights in the coming year. We encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you with CAPS now. 

Monthly metric:
Centers of Excellence in Supply Management

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Many companies create and use Supply Management Centers of Excellence (SM COE) to help identify, develop, and roll-out best practices in key areas and activities.

We asked global companies about the existence of SM COEs in their organization. Of the 89 companies that responded:

  • 56% currently have at least one SM COE
  • 22% are creating or will create their first SM COE in 1 - 2 years
  • 1% formerly had at least one SM COE but no longer have any
  • 21% never had a SM COE and have no plans to create any

From the CAPS benchmarking report Centers of Excellence in Supply Management 2019.

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The average CPO's years of experience in purchasing/supply management has increased over time. In 1999, CPOs had an average of 15 years’ experience in the function; by 2014, this had grown to 19.6 years.

Find out more about the profile of CPOs at global corporations, including compensation/benefits, the career ladder to the CPO job, duration in the job, and the fate of the CPO.  Read CPO Mobility and Compensation to learn more! Click the button to login and access the report or create a free account now

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