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CAPS News - December 2019

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Happy holidays to you and yours from the entire team at CAPS Research!

As you settle in for the winter, the CAPS sleigh keeps rolling - exploring key issues and discovering solutions that help you in your practice. Genevieve, we hope your holidays are joyous and peaceful and we look forward to tackling big challenges with you in the New Year!

New research spotlight
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Future Supply Management Talent research video

New research: Future Supply Management Talent
As we look ahead to the future of supply management, what skills, abilities, and expertise will future professionals need to succeed in the supply management field? How can you create an effective talent management lifecycle to source, develop, retain, and transition your team?

Check out our preview video for a few key takeaways.

Monthly metric:
Re-shoring Sources of Supply

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54% of the companies we asked said they are re-shoring their supply sources due to potential tariff / trade war risks. Here's the breakout by sector for companies re-shoring their supply sources:

67% of Manufacturing \ 55% of Process \ 20% of Services

From the CAPS benchmarking report Managing Supplier Risk 

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Coming soon: 
Supplier Diversity Program Performance
CPO Insights – Supply Management Transformation

Compelling reports in the CAPS Library:
Effective Collaboration for Supplier Innovation
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82.5% of the companies we surveyed use cost reduction to measure the success of their supplier innovation programs...

...followed by product quality and reliability at 63.2%. Important factors in fostering and maintaining supplier innovation programs are supplier trust of your organization and their contact person, followed by the ability to maintain key contacts at each stage, and providing timely feedback.

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