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CAPS News - October 2018

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Quick fact: Punchout and ERP-Hosted / CIF Catalogs

In a recent snapshots survey, we looked into companies’ use of punchout and ERP-hosted/CIF catalogs and 38% of companies reported that their single biggest challenge when using punchout catalogs was differing user experience on each supplier’s website. The biggest challenge using CIF catalogs was tied, with 26% of respondents citing outdated content and large, cumbersome CIF catalogs.  Punchout

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Group Purchasing Organizations and Amazon for Business
CPO Insights – Demand Management
Business Partner Engagement
Recruiting Talent

CAPS reearch studies

Physician Preference Items Management

Physicians have autonomy in deciding the devices they use for patient care, which can circumvent cost savings, volume economies, and other benefits that come from including procurement. Approximately 60% of total spend by hospitals comes from physician preference items (PPI) for which physicians play a key role in acquisition. The goal of this report was to study challenges, opportunities, and management efficiencies involved in procuring PPIs.  Physician Preference Items video preview

Check out a 3-minute video on our Physician Preference Items Management report, in the library.

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Research Pipeline: January 25
CPO Roundtable: March 10-11
Supply Management Roundtable October 22-23

CAPS infographics

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CAPS in the news

CAPS is often cited in the media for our research findings, benchmarking metrics, and supply management expertise. We often share these stories on our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, so be sure to follow us with the social links at the bottom of this email. Here's a story from the last month of CAPS in the media:

"Blockchain has the potential to dramatically simplify the integration and automation of procurement processes," Dr. Choi explained implications of blockchain, a topic of a recent CAPS research report, in the September/October edition of Supply Chain Management Review. He was one of the experts featured in "NextGen technologies: Building the supply chain of the future." Available on SCMR Plus+ or in the print edition page 29.


CAPS Research welcomes our newest member, American Electric Power, Inc.

CAPS Research corporate members hail from around the globe and receive full access for their supply management team to practitioner-focused research, benchmarking services, and peer-to-peer networking events. CAPS offers benchmarking opportunities for smaller companies, as well. Please contact us to learn more.

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